Need something sweet for your special occasion
or maybe something just for you?



Call Cathy at 513.708.1216

We handle special orders of all sizes, custom packaged to meet your needs.

We will combine and package our candies any way you want them.

Below is an example of a special order for 150 baseball caps.

Each cap was hand painted with white chocolate lettering specific to the event.

These caps were packaged in clear plastic boxes specified by the customer.

Caps in the 1893 House Kitchen ready for packaging
Packaged Cap at Special Event
Dark and milk chocolate butterflies
hand decorated with white chocolate
are ready for packaging
in the 1893 House Kitchen.
Three of the many packaging options
available at the 1893 House for
party favors and gifts.
An example of a sampler platter with a
variety of candies from the 1893 House. 
A sampler can be made to
order with your favorite candies.

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