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Product List October 2018

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Ghiradelli dark chocolate cup filled with intense fruit, topped with milk chocolate. 2/box, $2.25

Raspberry Decadence
Orange Decadence
Blueberry Decadence - garnished with blueberry
Cherry Pecan Decadence - garnished with cherry


Buckeyes - creamy peanut butter coated in milk, dark chocolate, or double dipped (both dark and milk).
                    2/box. $2. Bag of 6, $6  Box of 8, $8
Buckeye Minis6 mini buckeyes. $1.25/bag.
Coconut Ménagea dark chocolate cup filled with coconut and milk chocolate, garnished with toasted coconut. 2/box. 2.25
Coconut Joy Sweet and organic unsweetened coconuts with organic coconut oil and honey,
                           sandwiched between two dark chocolate discs.  Bag of 3. 2.00
Chocolate Covered OreoOreo cookie dipped in dark chocolate. 1/bag. $1.00
Chocolate Covered Nilla WaferNilla Wafer dipped in dark chocolate. 2/bag. $1.00
Double Chocolatea dark chocolate cup filled with milk chocolate. 2/box. $2.25
Triple Chocolatea dark chocolate cup filled with white chocolate, topped with milk chocolate, garnished with white
                                 chocolate shavings. 2/box. $2.25
Turtle Twistsa pretzel twist topped with homemade caramel, milk chocolate, and pecan. 4/box, $2, or 8 oz tin $8.
Traditional Turtlesmilk or dark chocolate - pecans topped with homemade caramel and chocolate. 2/bag, $1.50
Mint chocolate - a dark chocolate cup filled with minty milk chocolate. 2/box, $2.25
Pecan Sensationscinnamon and sugar coated pecans 4 oz bag $3.
CaramelPlain, Sea Salt, Cinnamon.  Homemade caramel 1 oz, 75¢; 4/bag, $3. 9 oz tins, $8
Sea Salt Caramels - dipped in milk or dark chocolate 3/bag, $1.50
Caramel Stir Sticksplain or cinnamon to stir into coffee, tea, or cider. 3/bag, $1.50
Chocolate covered pretzels5/bag, $1.50 
             Festive chocolate covered pretzelsstick pretzels dipped in milk or white chocolate and sprinkles
             Chocolate and pecan covered pretzels - stick pretzels dipped in dark chocolate covered with crushed pecans
             Chocolate and toffee covered pretzels - stick pretzels dipped in milk chocolate covered with crushed toffee
Peanut clustersclusters of salty peanuts covered in dark chocolate. $1.25 each
Almond clustersclusters of whole almonds covered in dark chocolate. $1.25 each
Cashew clusters - clusters of cashews covered in dark chocolate. $1.25 each
Mixed Fruit and Nutsclusters of fruit and nuts covered in dark chocolate. $1.50 each
Almond Toffee - toffee pieces with chopped almonds and semi-sweet chocolate. $4.00/4 oz  or  1.25/1 oz
Midnight Espresscreamy espresso dark chocolate with homemade caramel in the center, with a touch of sea salt. Box of 2 $2.25
Chocolate covered espresso beans$1.50/1 oz or 3.50/4 oz
Peppermint Barkminty dark chocolate topped with white chocolate and crushed mints, with sprinkles. $4.00/4 oz or 1 oz $1.25
Chili Chocolatespicy but not too hot dark chocolate with a kick. 1 oz $1.25.
Peanut Brittlepeanut brittle. $4.00/4 oz  or  1 oz $1.25
SamplersA variety of sweets and chocolates in a box.   $8.00/8 oz  or  $16.00/16 oz
Truffles$5.00/box of 6  or  $10.00/box of 12



Small tastes of either dark, milk, or white chocolate shapes like hearts, stars, happy birthday, flowers, butterflies,
dinosaurs, puppies, kitties, piglets and more. Also seasonal shapes like bunnies, hearts, baseball caps, football helmets,
ghosts, snowflakes, acorns, Santa, etc. $0.50 up depending on size.

Chocolate pops $1 to $1.25

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