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My name is Cathy Beltz. I decided to take a big step to follow my passion for food and entertaining by establishing a business making
homemade sweets in my 1893 House. To follow this passion, I left a 28-year business career in non-profit financial management.
What a wonderful change and challenging adventure this has been! My love of cooking started when I was a little girl. My parents are from a
small town in southwest Ohio that was settled by a number of French families in the 19th century. My cooking tradition has been strongly
influenced by the culture they developed.
In fact, one of my earliest cooking memories is “helping” to make Pecan Sensations with my mother. She gave them to friends and relatives as
gifts, and we always enjoyed them around the house, especially at holiday seasons.
I loved making the sweets; I loved the sweet aroma; and I loved the sweet spirit they evoked around our home. But, I especially loved
sampling them. My mother knew better than to trust me to make them myself because there would be none left for gifts!
The inspiration for Turtle Twists came from a Presbyterian Church cookbook. Presbyterians are great cooks. They take their food seriously,
and they take every opportunity to share and enjoy wonderful food. I took the basic recipe and modified it to make it my own.
When I create a recipe, I use classic taste combinations, but make the sweets with my signature style. It’s important that they look good, but
even more important that they taste great. I used those principles to create Raspberry Decadence and Coconut Ménage
What a pleasure it is for me to create new taste sensations for people to enjoy! I make every one of my sweets by hand so, just like snowflakes,
no two look alike. But each one carries on a great tradition that started in my mother’s kitchen years ago.
Cathy Beltz

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